STEM, STEAM, and STREAM…What Do They Have in Common? Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Presented by: Terry Young, Library Consultant
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Memorizing is out, thinking like a scientist is in! For students to succeed in today’s science classes they’re going to have to ask questions, investigate, analyze data, develop evidence and defend their conclusions – all skills that require information literacy. In short, they’re going to have to think, act and learn like scientists. And when they’re adults, no matter what their career, they’ll need to sift through debates about scientific issues and form their own opinions.

As school librarians you, too, have to learn to think, act and learn to teach information literacy within the STEM, STEAM, and STREAM context. In this webinar, Terry Young, a veteran librarian and science educator, took viewers on a STEMulating discovery of STEM and NGSS. Learn the basics of STEM and NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) and see what tomorrow’s science classroom looks like.