Why Design Matters: How a Well-Designed Website Can Increase K-12 Community Engagement

Presented by: Gina Beisel, Schoolwires’ Senior Manager of Creative Services; Kyle Taylor, Schoolwires’ Graphic Designer; and Amber Wolfe, Schoolwires’ Web Designer
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The Schoolwires team of Gina Beisel, Senior Manager of Creative Services, Kyle Taylor, Graphic Designer, and Amber Wolfe, Web Designer, explained why design is an essential aspect in creating a great user experience that keeps your K-12 community coming back to your websites, and how this is achieved. Gina, Kyle, and Amber discussed what makes for ‘good’ website design. Deeper than trends, taste, and aesthetics, design involves a whole process of objective thinking and problem solving as a basis for creating something beautiful, functional, and interactive. The presenters shared principles of design, the design process, best practices in design, benefits of good design, and how a well-designed website can increase community engagement.  View the webinar to learn how a well-designed website can increase community engagement for the schools in your district.