What’s New in Space? A Chat with TIME Editor Jeffrey Kluger

Presented by: TIME Editor-at-large Jeffrey Kluger, with Melanie Kletter, Senior Editor, TIME For Kids, and Laura Blackburn, Associate Editor, TIME For Kids
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In this TIME For Kids webinar, viewers heard from TIME editor Jeffrey Kluger about what is happening in space exploration. Kluger is an editor-at-large at TIME magazine. He is the author of nine books, and often writes about space and NASA for TIME and time.com.

During his presentation, Kluger reported on the Year in Space mission, and NASA’s efforts to send astronauts to Mars in 2030. He also talked about the Pluto expedition New Horizons, and NASA’s efforts to explore the outer reaches of space beyond our solar system. In addition, Kluger discussed new spacecraft and rockets being developed by private companies such as SpaceX. TFK editors provided participants with background information on the Year in Space mission and other space programs.