Voices from the Field: Recent E-Rate Changes

Presented by: John Harrington, Chief Executive Officer, Funds For Learning
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In May 2016, Funds For Learning conducted a survey of schools and libraries that receive funding via the federal E-rate discount program. The annual survey provides a platform for E-rate stakeholders to voice their opinions on E-rate program rules, processes, and changes. This survey followed the first E-rate application period with the new EPC portal online filing system, and was just the second application period since the FCC reformed the program via the historic E-rate Modernization Order. More than 1,000 E-rate applicants nationwide responded to the survey, representing a diverse cross-section of different school sizes, locations, and E-rate discount levels.

In this webinar John Harrington, CEO of Funds for Learning, revealed what applicants had to say about the recent program changes and how the changes impacted the 2016 application period. Along with survey results, he discussed potential program trends as we head into another program year and E-rate modernization continues to unfold.