Using Living Histories to Explore the Significance of Sacrifice: The 70th Anniversary of VJ Day

Presented by: Cathy Ehlers-Metcalf, Vice President of Education - MOH Character Development Program
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August marks the 70th anniversary of the close of WWII. What significance does this month hold for adolescents today? The world has changed in many ways, but the values that brought it out of those dark days are more important than ever.

In this webinar, the Cathy Ehlers-Metcalf guided a discussion on August 1945, and what that month meant to the United States, Japan, the world, and the future. Specifically, why does it still matter today? The sacrifices made then are validated—or wasted—by the choices we make now. The history is 70-year-old news, but the lessons from it are applicable across disciplines, geographies, and decades. View the webinar and discover ways to make that monumental month meaningful to all students today.

Viewers will:

  • explore free classroom resources of the MOH Character Development Program
  • examine practical lesson ideas appropriate for a variety of grade levels
  • improve students knowledge of VJ Day and the final chapter of WWII with “living histories” and accompanying instructional activities.