Unleash Student Potential: Personalize Learning Through Storytelling

Presented by: Lynn Castiglione, Teacher/Gifted Education, Grades 3rd-6th/ELA & Math, in Phoenix, AZ
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In this webinar, Arizona educator Lynn Castiglione showed how you can empower students to share authentic facts with peers and a worldwide audience using a variety of tools, such as brainstorming activities, use of notebooks/journals, and the Shutterfly Photo Story iPad App.  According to iNACOL, personalized learning is tailoring learning for each student’s strengths, needs, and interests to provide flexibility and supports to ensure mastery of the highest standards possible. This webinar provided an opportunity to think outside the box by emphasizing the need for learners to be involved in designing their own learning process.  Attendees learned how to establish a culminating project challenging students to review the total of their non-fiction projects. Students can use Shutterfly Photo Story on an iPad to create and publish facts they deemed most interesting or important, as they tell their stories based on the non-fiction books they’ve read.  Lynn shared literacy ideas to engage students in meaningful ways, while also connecting the Common Core/State Standards with activities students will enjoy.  View the webinar to learn how to unleash your students’ potential!