Unite Your Passion and Profession to Make a Difference

Presented by: Susan Hall, Ed.D., Co-Founder and President, 95 Percent Group Inc.
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Susan Hall entered Harvard Business School and the corporate world at a time when it was still new for women to aspire to a top management position. Gender discrimination existed then, and is still a much-discussed issue today. Susan saw the writing on the wall. At the same time, she saw through the experiences of her son, how schools were not helping struggling readers, so she began researching reading development, completed a doctorate in education, and co-founded 95 Percent Group.

Susan says, “Now my passion and my profession are totally united.” In this edWebinar, Susan shared her leadership journey, which started with a Harvard MBA and a career with two Fortune 500 companies, then took a new turn as she and her husband co-founded 95 Percent Group. Learn more about Susan’s journey, and the qualities she has found to be most important:

  • High integrity and honesty
  • Authentic passion for your mission
  • The willingness to roll up your sleeves and do whatever is needed to get the job done

The business skills Susan learned have helped her run the company successfully, but she feels fortunate that she was able to leave the corporate world and find more meaning and fulfillment by founding an education company that addresses the challenge of inadequate teacher knowledge so more children will learn to read by the end of 3rd grade. The company provides professional development to over 1,500 elementary schools each year.