Transition Activities that Build Young Brains, Manage Behavior

Presented by: Ellen Booth Church, Adjunct Professor, Nova Southeastern University
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Transitions can be one of your best tools for managing behavior in your classroom management tool belt. Let’s move beyond the standard transition activities to creating innovative transitions that build brains and create community. Ellen Booth Church is well known as an expert in Circle Time and Transitions. In this webinar, she demonstrated a joyful approach to managing behavior with compassion and clarity and ways you can use transitions as mini-teaching opportunities. Ellen discussed:

  • How to create quick innovative interludes can positively redirect attention, calm and center, release extra energy and tension, and gently guide behavior
  • Research that supports using transitions as innovative learning opportunities
  • Research that predicts the importance of building innovation skills in the next generation of young children
  • Ways to use transitions to nurture next generation innovators