Teaching Students How to Study Effectively for Tests: A Simple Method that Really Works

Presented by: Gretchen Wegner, M.Ed, Academic Life Coach, Educational Consultant, and Founder of the Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying™
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In all areas of education, we expect students to study for the tests we give them. Rarely, however, do schools spend significant effort teaching students how to study. Although many teachers do provide a strategy or two, it remains an epidemic that if students study at all, they do it in the most inefficient and ineffective (and boring!) way possible – by reviewing their textbook and/or their notes. View this webinar to learn about a simple fix for this problem.

Academic Life Coach Gretchen Wegner shared the #1 study strategy that every educator should know (but most don’t) to transform his or her students’ ability to take charge of their own learning and prepare for tests self-sufficiently and with less stress. Gretchen walked attendees through The Study Cycle, a unique model that takes only ten minutes to teach to students from elementary through high school. You will walk away from this session with:

• A solid understanding of what is happening in the brain when students learn
• A simple, engaging demonstration for how to teach students to study better
• Five easy ways to incorporate this effective study strategy into your classroom without interrupting your current curriculum

Learn how to help your students feel less stressed, and more prepared and capable while performing better on tests.