Everyday Strategies to Build a Sustainable Culture of Kindness

Presented by: Christa M. Tinari, Educational Consultant, Author, and Expert in Social-Emotional Learning
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Who can argue with kindness? If everyone agrees that “kindness is cool,” how come you still hear mean name-calling in the hallways? And why are staff sometimes snarky and rude to one another? (Hint: kindness isn’t always easy to do!) In nationwide bullying surveys, educators and students report wanting more kindness and less cruelty at school. To address this issue, many schools turn to schoolwide assemblies and slogan campaigns. Although these efforts can generate excitement and a burst of goodwill among students and staff, they don’t necessarily make a lasting impact on your school culture.

In this edWebinar, Christa M. Tinari explored the everyday reasons why kindness efforts might fail. Drawing from the latest research on the impact of social-emotional learning on school climate, Christa provides a compelling rationale for integrating SEL into kindness campaigns. She identified key social-emotional skills, such as emotional literacy, empathy, perspective taking, and upstander skills, that can help students (and staff) show kindness even when it’s hard to do.