What to Look for in Students’ Executive Function

Presented by: Malinda Mikesell, Reading Supervisor, Carlisle Area School District
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You probably know these students: the learner who is easily distracted, the child who consistently struggles to organize tasks and materials to start work, the youngster who cannot always access prior knowledge and seems unable to engage fully in learning experiences.

A surprising number of students in every classroom struggle because of gaps in executive function. Executive function relates to the thinking skills essential for learning, and includes focus, self-control, and memory. In many instances, the underlying problem in reading, behavior and academic success can be a gap in a learner’s executive function skills. This webinar covered the “look for’s” – the behaviors and attitudes students exhibit when they struggle with focus and perseverance in the learning environment.

Malinda Mikesell shared:

• Methods for assessing executive function and identifying gaps
• Productive steps to address those gaps so children can function successfully as learners

Learn what to look for and how to address executive function gaps successfully to give every learner the opportunity to engage fully in educational opportunities.