Strategies for Teaching Students How to Write a Summary

Presented by: Dr. Susan Hall, Founder and President, The 95 Percent Group; Diane Merkel, VP, Consulting, The 95 Percent Group
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One of the critical Common Core skills is to summarize the main ideas contained in a text. Writing a crisp summary depends upon distinguishing key ideas from details.  This webinar provided strategies for helping students improve their abilities to write and understand the components of summaries.  Dr. Susan Hall, Founder and President of 95 Percent Group Inc., with Diane Merkel, Vice President, Consulting, shared with webinar attendees ideas for helping students learn to summarize both literary and informational text. They modeled the use of several instructional strategies, including the use of a graphic organizer for helping students learn to tease apart the details from the main ideas, and then translating that into a summary.  Attendees were also given access to instructional tools used during the presentation.