Let’s Work It Out: Stopping Bullying Before It Starts

Presented by: Dr. Blythe Hinitz, Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education, The College of New Jersey
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Every classroom presents challenging behavior situations. Discover strategies and activities that will provide a foundation for educator action in the classroom, in related activities outside the classroom, as well as in cyberspace. In this webinar, Dr. Blythe Hinitz shared ways we can work towards the creation of the peaceful classroom, fostering a classroom climate of respect and collaboration between adults and children.

  • How the foundations are formed in peace education, gender-free (non-sexist) education, and addressing challenging behaviors
  • How to define harassment, intimidation, bullying, and teasing [HIBT] in your own context
  • What the research says about the origins of “mean behaviors” in early childhood
  • How we can connect research and practice
  • Useful examples of the way these programs work in real classrooms
  • How to involve parents, children’s “significant others,” and the community in collaborative work to stop bullying before it starts
  • Which resources can help us