State Leadership for K-12 Wi-Fi Implementation: Strategies to Ensure Equitable Access for All Students

Presented by: Michael Nicolaides, CIO of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction; Jim Peterson, CTO for the Bloomington Schools District 87; Michael McKerley, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, ENA; and Gayle Nelson, Senior Vice President, Customer Service, ENA
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This edWebinar is the launch of SETDA’s latest resource, State Leadership for K12 Wi-Fi Implementation: Extending the Broadband Imperative II. This new paper explores the steps states are taking to address the wireless equity gaps that exist among their schools. States are uniquely positioned to provide both policies and funding to help ensure all students have equitable access to reliable Wi-Fi throughout K12 campuses. State leaders from Illinois and North Carolina shared their unique approaches to Wi-Fi implementation and support statewide including statewide partnerships, regional consortia and policy initiatives.