What Every Educator Should Know About Special Education Law

Presented by: Beverley H. Johns, Professional Fellow, MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Illinois
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Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to knowing and implementing laws that pertain to students with disabilities. It is critical that all educators understand the fundamentals of these laws and are able to answer basic questions about them.

In this webinar, Beverley H. Johns shared these key concepts about special education law:

  • How to be an active participant in the IEP
  • How to work collaboratively with parents and fellow school personnel
  • How to resolve differences
  • And most important, how to meet the needs of the student

There are a number of common pitfalls that cause educators to get into trouble when working with students with disabilities, and that can cause adversarial relations with parents. The most effective educators are knowledgeable, collaborative, and focused on the individualized needs of their students. This webinar explored common problems one encounters when implementing services for students with disabilities as well as solutions to these problems.