Six Steps to Inclusive Preschool Curriculum

Presented by: Dr. Eva Horn, Professor in the Dept. of Special Education and Program Coordinator for the Early Childhood Unified program at the University of Kansas
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In this webinar, Dr. Eva Horn presented the Children’s School Success Plus (CSS+) Curriculum Framework for early childhood educators, a guide to plan and deliver instruction for all young children they serve. The CSS+ framework offers guidance to early educators on how to provide equal access to interesting, integrated academic and social curriculum content while simultaneously addressing children’s unique learning needs.

Dr. Horn covered the major components, or the six steps, to the CSS+ Curriculum Framework:

  • Developing/identifying your scope and sequence
  • Organizing your scope and sequence to form a coherent and integrated plan of implementation
  • Addressing UDL (Universal Design for Learning) as you plan activities
  • Addressing differentiation and individualization in your planning and implementation
  • Progress monitoring
  • Reflection

Dr. Horn also shared how these six steps work together as a dynamic system to guide implementation of a high-quality early childhood education program. You will come away from this webinar with an understanding of how this planning process results in a completed activity (lesson) plan that reflects intentional teaching on targeted content, is universally designed, has planned for differentiation and individualization, and allows for the natural collection of progress monitoring data.