Six Key Ideas for More Meaningful Social Studies Research: Understanding and Embracing the New C3 Standards

Presented by: Paige Jaeger, Instructional Focus Editor, School Library Connection magazine
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“Memorizing names and dates has failed us.” – S.G Grant (one author of the C3)

If you haven’t heard about the C3, or don’t understand how these new Social Studies Standards impact your library program, then this webinar is made just for you. In this webinar, Instructional Focus Editor for School Library Connection magazine Paige Jaeger explained the new National Social Studies Standards and modeled how your library research projects should change to align with the new standards. Learn how to move beyond names and dates and begin operating under the Arc of Inquiry. This makeover to your program will ensure that your students graduate ready for College, Career, and Civic (C3) life.

  • Gather new ideas for aligning and repackaging social studies research projects for our next-gen students
  • Assess whether your current projects are aligned with the new Social Studies Standards focus
  • Weave technology into projects for higher level thought and seamless use in packaging learning adventures
  • Gain an understanding of the goals of the C3 and how repackaging social studies content into research endeavors meets the objectives of the standards.

Paige shared examples of content repackaging as well as how inquiry and a strong library collaboration can help your social studies programs solve “real world issues” while learning history.