S/he Hit Me First: Learn Proactive Solutions to Teach Social Emotional Skills through Daily Conflict

Presented by: Jill Molli, M.A., Educator, Keynote Speaker, Instructor for Conscious Discipline
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Take daily conflicts with children and between children (hitting, tattling, name calling) and turn these moments into opportunities to teach missing social and emotional skills. Teachers and caregivers report encountering more and more children with lowered abilities to self-regulate, tolerate frustration, and interact well with others. The amount of aggression ending in retaliation and revenge in many programs and homes is on the rise, both in quantity and intensity. This workshop explored the relationship between personal loss and aggression/violence/revenge in the classroom and home, and offer proactive solutions for teachers and parents to start implementing immediately.

Viewers will learn to:

  • Use tattling to teach assertiveness, use tantrums to teach self-control, and use aggression to teach helpful communication skills.
  • Recognize children’s calls for help and/or love.
  • Develop new skills to transform opposition into cooperation and create teaching moments.
  • Create an environment in which children can maintain their dignity.
  • Identify structures to add to the home or classroom to help start the healing process.