The Secret Language of Autism Behavior: How To Decode and Understand What Your Student Needs

Presented by: Karina Barley, M.Ed., Autism Education Specialist, Digital Learning Tree
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Behavior! As teachers, you have to deal with a variety of student behaviors on a daily basis. You can have the perfect lesson plans, great organization, and even the best resources, but if you have one or more behavior issues in your classroom; the classroom’s entire rhythm can be thrown into disarray.

Children with autism especially have challenging behaviors that can be perplexing and confusing. Understanding these behaviors and being able to decode what your students need are vital skills for any teacher.

Topics explored in this webinar included:

  • Behavior and what does it mean?
  • Behavior as the clue to what your student needs
  • Meltdowns: Are they behavioral or sensory?
  • Strategies for decoding behavior and providing a more harmonious environment