School Culture Rewired: Proven Strategies from an Expert

Presented by: Steve Gruenert, Professor at Indiana State University
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Too often educators and school administrators confuse the concepts of school culture and school climate. The book School Culture Rewired was built around that issue. In the book, our presenter Steve Gruenert and his co-author Todd Whitaker bring the complex ideas around this subject into useful thinking for school leaders.

People are hardwired for belonging to a group, culture provides that need, and more. Once school leaders understand the power of culture they may be able to use it to improve the school. In this edWebinar, Steve presented the major components for rewiring your own school’s culture as well as experiences from the field that school leaders have shared regarding successes and challenges of shaping their cultures. He explored:

  • What is culture
  • Where do cultures come from
  • When is ‘it’ part of the culture
  • Subcultures
  • Culture busters
  • When to start culture change and who to include

Steve also discussed two books that follow School Culture Rewired to further help school leaders with this challenge.