Reinventing Writing

Presented by: Vicki Davis, AKA Cool Cat Teacher, IT Director at Westwood Schools, and Host of Every Classroom Matters
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Writing has been reinvented, but most schools can’t get past the paper. Notecards, filing cabinets, notebooks, journals and more have new electronic equivalents. In this webinar, Vicki Davis, a full-time classroom teacher and IT Director at Westwood Schools in Georgia, presented the nine ways writing has been reinvented in schools along with the specific objectives we should teach with them.​  Vicki shared 20 questions you should ask about any technology tool, 9 Essential Writing Tools needed in every school and 9 Key P’s for Digital Citizens.  Vicki presented practical curriculum and 21st century suggestions that are specific to exactly what students need to be taught. She also provided easy ways to help teachers understand and apply this shift to their classrooms.
  Change is people-centric, not technology-centric. Vicki’s presentation gave attendees the words and descriptions to help teachers of all ages feel comfortable using digital tools that can improve teaching and learning in your school. View the webinar to learn from a teacher who is doing this every day and find out how to lead your school forward to reinvent writing.