Redesigning Literacy Instruction in a Student-Centered Classroom

Presented by: Steven W. Anderson, Digital Learning and Relationship Evangelist; and Shaelynn Farnsworth, Education Services Consultant for AEA 267 in Iowa
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Ubiquitous technology is redefining literacy and has implications on learning and teaching. The emergence of multimodal communication requires additional skills teachers must equip their students with to prepare them to be both college and career-ready.

In this webinar, Steven W. Anderson and Shaelynn Farnsworth explained a simplified version of balanced literacy that is grounded in best practices and will help you reimagine reading and writing in the classroom through an edtech redesign. They shared ways to develop and hone the literacy skills students need now and in the future. Zooming in on small group instruction, participants examined literacy and technology with an emphasis on reading: guided reading, strategy groups, and literature discussions.

Steven and Shaelynn also explored how intentional technology integration increases student achievement and allows educators to differentiate in a student-centered classroom.