Purposeful Engagements: Supporting Young Learners with Meaningful Interactions

Presented by: Keith L. Pentz, National Early Childhood Specialist, Kaplan Early Learning Company
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This edWebinar will show viewers how to have more meaningful interactions with their littlest learners. Keith L. Pentz, National Early Childhood Specialist for Kaplan Early Learning Company, demonstrated how to have more purposeful engagements with all infants and toddlers, both typically and atypically developing. He shared specific interactions and program decisions that directly impact and relate to creating relationships, meet any curriculum/program goals and objectives, work in any schedule, and support innovative practices. Keith included many brain-compatible learning strategies during the session.

Learn how to:

  • Name and describe a four-step process involved in learning any subject matter
  • Understand how to create an environment that precludes challenges between caregivers and children
  • Explain developmental markers for achieving optimal learning
  • Describe the importance of movement in the learning process