Preparing Students with Multilingual Skills for a Global Society

Presented by: Eric M. Schmidt, Founding School Leader of KIPP Courage College Prep in Houston, Texas
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Shifting demographics within our own borders and between nations are leading to an increased need for multilingual talent.  Student success and readiness in a global economy will require the ability to communicate and function in a multicultural environment without borders. In order for today’s K-12 students to succeed tomorrow, they need language skills.  Understanding the importance of second language acquisition, KIPP Houston leverages technology to strengthen language learning skills to increase the global competencies of 5th and 6th graders.  In this webinar, presenter Eric Schmidt, a school leader from KIPP (Knowledge is Power, the 2014 Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools Winner) explored the language-learning successes and challenges experienced by KIPP Houston in launching a language learning initiative to build English and Spanish language.

Eric shared best practices and challenges for integrating technology into the classroom, tips for developing global competency in school, and online language-learning implementation.  View the webinar to learn how to prepare your students with multilingual skills for a global society!