Preparing Students for a Global Community: Leadership and Language

Presented by: Nakia Douglas, Principal, Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy in Dallas, Texas
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This webinar examined globalization’s effects on the demand for a multilingual workforce, and how technology can be used to facilitate language instruction. Despite increasing globalization and further interconnection of societies, many American students lack the tools to frame how world affairs—be they political, economic, scientific, etc.—affect their lives. Tomorrow’s leaders must have an understanding and respect for other cultures, be able to investigate the world beyond their backyard, and communicate and collaborate with diverse audiences. Language skills support all of these needs.  Webinar presenter, Nakia Douglas, Principal of The Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy (BOMLA) in Texas, shared how his school is preparing its students for leadership in the global world by providing them language skills for future success. Watch the webinar to hear more on:

  • How BOMLA expanded learning time to accommodate language learning
  • The impact their language program has had on college acceptance
  • How language skills have impacted student confidence and contributed to leadership development
View the webinar to learn how language and leadership skills can prepare students for college, career, and success in the global community.