Preparing for FY2016 E-rate Application Review

Presented by: John Harrington, Chief Executive Officer, Funds For Learning
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The first E-rate application filing window under the new EPC portal filing system is rapidly coming to an end, currently set to close on April 29th. As applicants are hard at work to accurately and timely complete their E-rate applications, it will be equally important to document the vendor selection and filing process, in preparation for the upcoming application review and next steps to a funding commitment. With the additional level of detail and specificity now required in the new EPC online applications, it is more critical than ever to be prepared to sufficiently describe and support the services and dollars requested. This webinar covered best practices in preparing for and navigating through E-rate application reviews, and provided insight on what to expect in the coming months as USAC continues to implement new systems and processes within the EPC portal.