Personalizing Learning with the iPad® to Empower Interactivity and Student Thinking

Presented by: Dr. Tim Hudson, Senior Director of Curriculum, DreamBox Learning
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Learning is intensely personal to every student. In order to learn effectively, students’ initial conceptions and prior knowledge must be engaged to ensure they can make sense of things for themselves. At the same time, they want and need their own ideas to be heard in every lesson. A powerful way to personalize learning and empower student thinking is to use the iPad, in combination with Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ technology.  The technology enables innovative and interactive lessons that personalize the learning path for each student, and provide them with real-time feedback as they learn—anytime, anywhere—with the iPad.   In this webinar, DreamBox’s Dr. Tim Hudson shared how to use the iPad to empower students and bring their own uniquely personal problem-solving strategies to the learning experience.  He also provided insight on a 1-1 program that was implemented in the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District and gave tips on personalizing the student experience.