Personalized Language Learning with Technology: Best Practices from the Trenches

Presented by: Russell Gaskell, World Languages and Culture Lab Director for Humboldt State University; with Matthew Dean, Associate Professor of Spanish for Humboldt State University
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In this webinar, Russell Gaskell and Matthew Dean focused on the instructional design elements used to leverage technology for extended learning, skill development and additional practice outside of the classroom. Russell and Matthew shared how Humboldt State University leverages technology-based language learning as a lab co-requisite for students enrolled in credit-bearing coursework. Russell and Matthew also shared how to integrate technology into curriculum to create an interactive language-learning program that complements classroom instruction, how to leverage digital language-learning to create a personalized learning experience for your students so they can progress at their own pace, the benefits Humboldt State University students have seen from taking this type of course, and best practices for integrating technology into language courses. View the webinar to learn how you can create a dynamic, extended learning environment for your language learners. Our presenters spoke to language learning at the university level, but their presentation offered great takeaways for anyone wanting to incorporate technology as an add-on to classroom instruction.