Partnering with Parents to Secure Grant Money

Presented by: Toni Rockis, PhD, CGW, President & CEO of Granted, Inc. and Grantmamas, Inc.
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Parental involvement is key to children’s success in school. Educators and administrators alike strive daily to actively involve and engage our students’ parents in order to build and foster strong relationships. What if teachers and administrators could actively seek a parent volunteer to assist with writing a foundational proposal to bring money and resources into classrooms and schools? In this webinar, Dr. Toni Rockis discussed how to work with parent partners to vet, write, and submit foundation grant proposals.

The webinar included information on:

  • how to effectively collaborate with a parent partner to expedite the grant-writing process;
  • how to develop a systematic approach to identifying potential funding opportunities for your classroom or school; and
  • how teacher, administrators, and parent partners can work together to address grant application guidelines and requirements.

Learn how to partner with parents to write award-winning foundation grant proposals. This webinar will be helpful for both teachers and administrators.