Open-Ended Questions in the Early Learning Classroom

Presented by: Dr. Rebecca Berlin, Chief Strategy Officer, Teachstone Training, LLC
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Open-ended questions create meaningful opportunities for learning, prompting children to reason and reflect while encouraging their use of language. In this edWebinar, Teachstone Training’s Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Rebecca Berlin shared tips on using open-ended questions to improve classroom interactions with young learners. She gave advice on how to ask questions that generate meaningful conversation, and offered strategies for encouraging children to reflect and respond. She also demonstrated how open-ended questions fit within the broader framework of the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) that helps teachers improve what matters most in the classroom—the interactions that drive learning and development.

While asking questions comes naturally for many early learning teachers, asking open-ended questions may not. It takes effort to build a repertoire of questions that encourage young children to reflect on and articulate their own ideas. Teachers often find that they have to be intentional about incorporating open-ended questions into their classroom practice. Viewers will learn:

  • Strategies to implement in your classroom to help you remember to ask open-ended questions
  • Exercises to assist you in generating lists of generic open-ended questions you can use in your classroom