Leave No Child Offline and Leave No Teacher Behind: Why Equity and Access to Digital Tools, Tech-Savvy Teachers, and the Internet are Important to the Future of Our Nation

Presented by: Dr. Darryl Adams, recently retired Superintendent of California’s Coachella Valley School District, Thought Leader and Technology Evangelist
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Digital equity and access in the 21st century are crucial to students being able to compete on a global level: There are few places in society where technology is not utilized or playing an important role. As a result, it’s more critical than ever that students graduate with the 21st-century literacy and technology skills they need to navigate, read and succeed in our increasingly interconnected, digital world. In this edWebinar, Dr. Darryl Adams addressed the following questions:

  • What resources does your organization need to ensure that digital equity and access is affordable to those you serve?
  • Which platforms and partners will help you ensure that every student has a 24/7 “anytime, anywhere, any-device” learning experience?
  • What are the “Why, How and When” of digital conversion for all? How can your education partners support these efforts?
  • How does the new ESSA legislation supporting digital equity and access impact the future of educational technology in light of the perceived policies of the new Trump administration?
  • How should instructional and engagement practices change in order to incorporate personalized learning, blended learning, online learning and learning modalities not yet on the horizon?
  • What does College, Career and Citizenship preparation look like in a digitized school environment and how do you ensure that “All” really means “ALL”?
  • What does the future hold for digital equity and access for all – and can we get this done in the United States?
  • What does a tech-savvy teacher look like in the 21st century and what types of training ensures continuous improvement for teachers and students?