Music Play: Before You Play Music, You Must Play WITH Music!

Presented by: Devi Borton, M.A., Early Childhood Music Specialist, Mentor, and Teacher Trainer at Music Together Worldwide
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Before young children can play (i.e., perform) music they must play with music! While most of us think of music class as teacher-led songs, a developmentally appropriate music education experience fosters child-initiated music play and provides the opportunity for individual children to focus on their own musical ideas – at all ages. Research also highlights how play is an important part of children’s development of the skills and dispositions that are essential to learning and classroom engagement. One such type of play activity that can support a child’s development and learning is music play.

In this webinar, early childhood music specialist Devi Borton explored how to create a child-centered, playful music environment that encourages and values children’s own ways of making music, allows each child to take ownership of his or her music learning, and affords each teacher an opportunity to maximize the learning benefits of music play. Devi also demonstrated some great songs that you can use to provide children with a rich musical “playground.”