Supporting the Development of Children’s Approaches to Learning with Music and Movement Activities

Presented by: Ellen Acuna and Alex Farkas, Music Together In-School Services Mentors
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As an educator, you know that young children learn in different ways; they have different learning styles, classroom habits, and attitudes toward learning. These learning behaviors fall under the developmental domain “Approaches to Learning,” which encompasses not what children learn, but how they learn – how they engage in learning and classroom activities to acquire new information. Having a positive “approach” toward learning lays the groundwork for development in other domains essential to school and life success.

In this webinar, Ellen Acuna and Alex Farkas, Music Together In-School Services Mentors, explored the many ways music-making very naturally and deeply supports a child’s positive approach toward learning. They also demonstrated how music can serve as a lens through which you can learn about a child’s learning style and disposition toward learning, which can be particularly useful in the beginning of the school year.