Much More Than the ABC Song! Music That Naturally Supports Children’s Language and Literacy Skills

Presented by: Devi Borton, M.A., Early Childhood Music Specialist, Outreach Mentor, and Teacher Trainer at Music Together, LLC.
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This lively webinar highlighted the numerous ways in which playful and developmentally appropriate songs and chants can naturally support young children’s development of essential language and literacy skills. These skills include phonological awareness, active listening, vocabulary development, print awareness, and narrative skills. Through a discussion of the aspects of language development inherent in music activity and the natural connections between language learning and music making, learn how to easily use music to support language learning goals in the classroom (regardless of music ability). The presenter shared songs and chants that are accessible and enjoyable for both children and adults, and provided ideas on how to adapt favorite songs to support children’s language development – all while having fun!