Is it Misbehavior or Just Developmentally-Delayed Behavior? Assessing Young Children’s Behavior Through a Developmental Window

Presented by: Dr. Pamela Phelps, Early Childhood Consultant and Director & Owner of The Creative Pre-School
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Young children hit, throw things, empty blocks off shelving and pour the water on the floor from the water table. Many teachers view this as misbehavior and put children on time out or prevent them from going out on the playground. When children are pulled from the group and punished, they are not learning new and useful behavior skills that will help them exhibit more socially acceptable behaviors in the future.

Learn a new way to view this kind of behavior as well as teaching strategies to use instead of punishment that will help young children move from socially inappropriate behaviors to more appropriate behaviors. Early Childhood Consultant Dr. Pamela Phelps discussed child development and demonstrated how to view children’s behaviors from a different developmental window.

Dr. Phelps shared:

  • How to assess children’s behaviors from a developmental window rather than as misbehavior that needs to be punished
  • Effective techniques to implement to help young children learn appropriate social behaviors.