Minds and Hearts Together – Essential Tools for Learning: Nurturing social-emotional learning in the early years

Presented by: Ellen Booth Church, Adjunct Professor, Nova Southeastern University, Educational Consultant and Author
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Aristotle said, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” But how do we do that? This session looks at very practical ways to look at our classrooms and curriculum to find the balance between social-emotional learning and academics. One way we do this is to look at all learning as social-emotional learning. Children do not learn skills in isolation but through social connection and interconnection to the real world—their world. It is their curiosity about the world that stimulates their desire to learn and to share what they have learned. Children live their lives with their hearts and minds open and connected. From that union of heart and mind, they develop into people who are balanced, happy, and successful. In this webinar, attendees received the most recent research information to support their understanding of the importance of social emotional learning. Attendees also received practical suggestions for using their circle time as a springboard for open-ended discussions which build both social and cognitive skills. Problem solving is the key. The session will offer attendees an opportunity to see how problem solving skills can be taught in both social and cognitive educational situations.