Make Language Learning a Family Matter! How to Engage Parents to Increase Student Success

Presented by: Jack Aylsworth, Technology Coordinator, Cincinnati Public Schools
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Research has shown the benefits and importance of parental engagement in their children’s education. Yet, schools often face the challenge of finding meaningful ways to engage parents. With an emphasis on language development for English Language Learners, this webinar highlights Cincinnati Public Schools parental engagement program.

Jack Aylsworth shared how the CPS community reaps the rewards of a comprehensive parental engagement strategy. This strategy bridges linguistic differences, improves academic success, and creates cultural understanding among the district’s students, employees, parents, and community partners. This webinar will help you:

Gain deeper understanding of why parental engagement matters, and discuss the challenges.
Establish the value of leveraging online English language learning as part of a parental involvement initiative.
Explore CPS’ successful parental involvement implementation and discuss high-impact engagement strategies for parents of English Language Learners.