Low-Entry, High-Exit Math Tasks that Keep Every Student Engaged

Presented by: Arjan Khalsa, CEO of Conceptua Math
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This edWebinar is part two of our three-part series, Making Your Math Class a Model to Behold, which addresses the steps you can take as a teacher to make your mathematics classroom as successful as possible for you and your students. It focuses on the research-based strategies around the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

We want students to persevere in solving problems and to attend to precision. But, what happens when students simply cannot get started on a task? Learn practical strategies for designing daily lessons that help students enter at a “low” level and leave the class at a much “higher” level. Arjan Khalsa provided strategies for starting class periods by engaging background knowledge, briefly using hands-on manipulatives, and providing entry experiences that engage all students. Math coaches and principals were taught how to guide teachers so that they can make math accessible to all students.