Literacy: More than Lexiles – Engaging the Hearts and Minds of All Students

Presented by: Kevin Baird, Chairman of the Board at the nonprofit Center for College & Career Readiness
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Discover new ways to inspire students toward greater learning. In this research-driven edWebinar, Kevin Baird went beyond Lexile® scores to explore two often overlooked keys to increasing literacy – motivation and engagement.

Literacy is driven not only by differentiation to skills, but also by differentiation to interests and passions. In this session, Kevin Baird reviewed research and new methods for engaging the hearts and minds of all learners while differentiating content according to each student’s skill level, learning temperament and learning pace.

Get information you can apply immediately with answers to these questions and more:

  • What does student engagement look like in the classroom?
  • How do educators turn struggling readers into children who love to read?
  • What innovative educational tools are available that leverage both engagement and differentiation to make a radical difference in children’s motivation to spend more quality time on task?

Learn about the latest tools for inspiring students to love learning.