Literacy = Language Production: Going Beyond the Text & Embracing the Talk

Presented by: Kevin Baird, Chairman of the Board at the nonprofit Center for College & Career Readiness
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Too many use the term “literacy” interchangeably with “reading,” but the reality is that literacy is more encompassing: it is reading, writing, and speaking. Ensuring all students have mastered these capacities is perhaps the greatest challenge facing schools today – and it touches all disciplines, from language arts to social studies to science. How can we overcome this challenge and ensure our students are mastering all aspects of literacy? The answer is simple, although not easy: the production of language. It’s time to get students talking!

In this webinar, Kevin Baird discussed the critical role of discussion and debate in building strong literacy skills. Kevin delved into the latest research to outline priority steps and pragmatic strategies for leveraging the power of student talk in accelerating literacy growth. Topics include:

• Using real-world topics to jump-start discussions and debates in the classroom
• Encouraging students to incorporate text-based evidence in their oral arguments
• Learning and mastering academic vocabulary through first-person use
• Empowering students of all ability levels to participate in grade-level discussions