Keyboarding Skills Are Foundational for Success

Presented by: Kelli Erwin, Senior Instructional Design Manager,; and Jeff Meyer, Director of Education,
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As most educators know, many state assessments now require students, starting as early as third grade, to write online. Yet, many students in third grade can’t type with proper technique, or without looking down at the keyboard. In fact, 6 out of 10 educators say that a lack of keyboarding skills negatively impacts student performance on online assessments.

Though 67% of all middle-skill job openings require a minimum proficiency with word processing software, keyboarding instruction is being left behind in many schools.

In this edWebinar, Kelli Erwin and Jeff Meyer take a fresh look at using digital curriculum to equip students with keyboarding skills. This session will give you several practical tips and provide:

  • Benefits of keyboarding and different methods to engage students
  • Best practices for introducing and maintaining weekly keyboarding practice
  • An introduction to adaptive keyboarding instruction

This edWebinar is ideal for elementary and middle school educators, whether your school already has a keyboarding program or you’re looking to get started. Learn how to engage your students and provide personalized keyboarding instruction to meet their individual needs.