The K-12 Purchasing Renaissance

Presented by: Nicole Neal, CEO, Noodle Markets Hosted by Lisa Schmucki, Founder and CEO,
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As education innovation advances, so does the compounding frustration of all parties involved in K-12 purchasing due to decentralized, antiquated and bureaucratic processes. Educators have limited cross-district communication and face a lack of transparency; vendors are challenged with high acquisition costs and long implementation timelines. Advances in technology and networking provide us with a wonderful opportunity to make K-12 purchasing a more transparent and collaborative process.

Learn about the current state of procurement, the ways an efficient connecting of buyers and sellers can be a game-changer in education, and what you can do now to take action. Nicole Neal explained how to increase transparency for educators and level playing field for vendors. Discover efficient procurement processes to promote greater innovation in K-12—all in support of improved outcomes for our students.

This webinar is for all K-12 stakeholders, from administrators to IT managers to librarians to teachers, and will help diverse educators increase their “buying IQ,” their inside knowledge on the ways products and services make it into classrooms. The goal is to empower educators to know about the technical innovations, legislation, and policies that influence our school communities.