K-12 Personalized Learning and the Power of Adaptive Instruction

Presented by: Tom Vander Ark, CEO, Getting Smart
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The use of technology-powered blended learning holds great promise as a cost-effective and egalitarian means to help greater numbers of young people accelerate their learning, graduate, and meet challenges in a competitive world.  In this webinar, presenter Tom Vander Ark, CEO of Getting Smart and Partner at Learn Capital, describes what that looks like and discusses how implementing the Common Core can have a greater impact.  The key to making personalized learning work for the greatest number of students is adaptive digital instruction, particularly Intelligent Adaptive Learning™, with its ability to precisely adapt to the individual learner. This exciting advance in education has the potential to be the ‘equalizer’ that provides greater access and opportunity for students in our society, regardless of their background or zip code.  Tom Vander Ark gave a lively presentation with an open Q&A dialogue around the latest thinking on Personalized Learning, the Common Core and Adaptive Instruction.