Increasing Engagement in Your Afterschool Program or Classroom

Presented by: Brian Heaton, Manager of Professional Development, AlphaBEST Education
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As afterschool professionals we are tasked with engaging students in our programs after they have already spent a whole day in the classroom. This isn’t always an easy task! What can we do to take our programs to the next level? How do we ensure that our students are engaged and continue learning beyond the classroom?

Out-of-school time is an incredible opportunity to reach students, increase learning from the day, and provide a necessary service to working families. We might have students for one hour, but that hour can be filled with learning, discovery, and fun!

In this webinar, Brian Heaton shareed a host of strategies that will help take your afterschool classroom to the next level. Topics included:

  • Classroom management
  • Student engagement
  • Cooperative learning
  • Professional tips