Strategies to Improve Behavior and Instruction in the Classroom

Presented by: Lee Kern, Ph.D., Professor and Director, Center for Promoting Research to Practice; with Michael George, Ed.D., Director, Centennial School of Lehigh University
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In this webinar, Lee Kern, Ph.D., and Michael George, Ed.D., provided basic classroom management and instructional strategies that have a large impact on problem behavior and learning. They introduced three basic behavior management strategies and three powerful instructional strategies that will greatly improve student behavior and learning.

Familiarize yourself with assessments that will allow you to take a deeper look at your classroom environment in order to optimize behavior and learning over the long term. The assessments introduced in this webinar will help you determine strengths in your classroom and identify areas needing improvement.

Dr. Kern and Dr. George shared how to:

  • Identify classroom features that contribute to optimal learning and appropriate behavior
  • Assess the environment in your own classroom to determine variables contributing to behavior and learning problems
  • Describe three strategies to improve student behavioral outcomes and three instructional approaches that will enhance student engagement and motivation