Survey Reveals the Impact of Digital Tools on K-12 Communications

Presented by: Dr. Julie Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Project Tomorrow
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District leaders have always considered effective communications with parents and students to be important. However, administrators today need to go beyond simply providing information about upcoming school events and start using communications tools to engage and empower parents as partners in the education process.

Increasingly, digital tools open up new opportunities for enhancing the effectiveness of school-to-home communications. From mobile apps to Twitter, schools are tapping into a variety of digital communications vehicles to inform, alert and engage parents today.

In this webinar, Dr. Julie Evans shared the results from Project Tomorrow’s first ever Speak Up survey of K-12 communications officers. Findings reveal emerging digital tools, those tools’ perceived value, and their tangible results on engagement. Additional parent research on communication preferences and expectations will also be shared.

Viewers will gain new insights into the benefits and challenges of using digital tools for communications and will get exclusive access to a new report on the research findings that can help gain a greater support for digital communications within their district. Dr. Evans will field questions after her presentation. District Communications and Public Relations Officers, District Administrators, School Site Administrators, and School Board Members are invited to attend this live, interactive session to learn how to improve home-to-school communications.