How To Multiply the Impact of Your Grant: Divide the Work By Collaborating With Other Institutions

Presented by: Dr. Rita Oates, President, Oates Associates; with Dr. Patty LeBlanc, Professor in the College of Education and Chair of Ed.D. program, Southeastern University
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When you collaborate on a grant, you multiply the brainpower while dividing the work. Sometimes collaboration happens between institutions, most often between a university and a school district. In this webinar, two grant writers who have won major grants to help fund big ideas for their institutions shared what they learned in the process.

Topics include:

  • collaborations for professional development
  • collaborations for research in K–12 schools (and policy implications)
  • collaborations for innovative, cutting edge instructional strategies
  • guidelines and strategies for successful grant collaborations
  • which collaborating party should be the fiscal agent for the grant
  • how to choose the right evaluator for your grant
  • how to engage local nonprofits or business partners to join the collaborative grant-writing effort

Dr. Patty LeBlanc, now chair of the doctoral program in education at Southeastern University, wrote grants while at five different universities, many of them in partnership with a local school district. She and Dr. Rita Oates received $600,000 over three years for teacher professional development of elementary teachers in Miami-Dade public and private schools in partnership with a local private university. Dr. LeBlanc also received $2 million over three years to help imbed technology learning into the undergraduate education experiences for future teachers at Stetson University and Bethune-Cookman College, working with Volusia Co. schools; and $3 million over five years to work with digital tools for migrant students in Florida public schools. Dr. Oates has also been the external evaluator on several collaborative grants. Come away with great ideas for collaborating with educators in other institutions or nonprofits to increase the impact of your grant.