Guided Inquiry Design in Action

Presented by: Leslie Maniotes, Ph.D. Author/Consultant on Inquiry Learning
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Inquiry seems to be everywhere, and an inquiry-based learning model is the recommended approach for educators to meet the Next Gen science standards, the C3 social studies standards, as well as Common Core ELA, and math. But, using an inquiry approach can be a messy and complicated way to teach – and few of us have had any training on how to teach this way!

In this webinar, Leslie Maniotes, a curriculum expert, guided participants on getting started with Guided Inquiry Design, an inquiry-based instructional design grounded in research. Leslie shared some tried and true examples of successful Guided Inquiry Design from the past ten years. Learn about simple ways to shift from having your students choose a topic from a list for their research project, to getting students to ask their own interesting questions for research.