Is There Grant Money If You Are Not a Title I School?

Presented by: Dr. Rita Oates, President of Oates Associates
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If your school does not qualify for Title I, does that mean it’s impossible to get grants? Not at all! You may have some students on free lunch, but not enough to qualify for Title I status. While many grants target underserved populations, you still can find grants and other funding to help pay for what your school needs, and what you want for your classroom. In this webinar, Dr. Rita Oates helps you get started with proven strategies for securing funding. Her presentation included: Creating projects for subsets of students, for specific subject areas such as STEM, or for general education issues such as literacy; Finding grants for activities or projects, such as Collaboration Nation; Getting part of the $2 billion committed by companies for classrooms as part of the federal ConnectED initiative; How to use to help find appropriate grant competitions. View the webinar to learn how to find sources of funding for your dreams and visions for your own students.