Getting Unstuck! Learning Fractions with Real-Time Digital Feedback

Presented by: Zachary Wissner-Gross, PhD, Product Manager, Amplify Education; with Drew Corley, PhD, Senior Learning Scientist, Amplify Education
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In digital instruction, there is great interest in automating assistance or intervention for students who “get stuck.” Simple implementations include presenting step-by-step solutions of similar problems or watching brief videos on related content. More recently, various digital products now offer real-time, automated feedback for students, often in the form of text, and customized to a student’s answer history.

In this edWebinar, Amplify Education’s Dr. Zachary Wissner-Gross and Dr. Drew Corley examined various types and modalities of feedback, as well as richer combinations of audio, visuals, text, and manipulative interaction. View specific examples related to fractions, with an eye toward getting students “unstuck” from common fractions misconceptions, while at the same time keeping them motivated. Learn about the efficacies of various forms of real-time feedback for a better understanding of new ways that technology can support students who are learning fractions.

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